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A trip to Spain where I connected with my ancestral land in Galicia, shows its influence in the inclusion of a Triskelion, a Celtic symbol also used by the Celtic tribes that originally inhabited that land, and whose influence is very prevalent to this day. This symbol is often considered a sign of female power and especially power through transition and growth; later appropriated by the Church and its Trinity. On the other hand, my time in Florence, taught me about Numerology, which also plays a role in this piece: the number 3 is repeated in many styles, and the dots add up to 120, which divided by 3, is 40, and which divided by 40 is 3. These numbers have historically been linked to spiritual rebirth, the division of epochs, and the eternal circle. The landscapes suggest a mythical narrative open to personal interpretation, linked, or removed from my own.

Teño Morriña, 2018, 16x20, Cyanotype, linoleum print, and watercolour on Japanese paper.